BenzFest 2018 Germany




Christin Elbe

Rally Estonia 2018 Tartu

E30 M3, W201 EVO1, C126 5.6TT Koenig Specials, Audi S1.    

M102 EFI kit

M102 EFI Kit including: Powerful VEMS engine management system with handcrafted wiring harness. Sensors : Wideband O2, Coolant temp, Intake air temp, Throttle position, Crankshaft position, MAP sensor (inside ECU). Fuel system: Billet anodized aluminum fuel rail with mounting accessories, fuel injectors (different sizes available), Bosch fuel pressure regulator with billet housing. Black AN fuel […]

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Blow off valve

45mm Blow off valve. Adjustable spring pressure.   7075 anodized alloy. Designed for M117 Twin-turbo kit.    

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Elbe Engineering supporting sport.



OM605/OM606 M-type EDC pump upgrade service with Dieselmeken 7,5mm elements

It`s possible to control OM605 and OM606 electronic pumps with DSL1 controller.  We also offer M-type EDC pump upgrade service with 7,5mm Dieselmeken elements. Precise engine control, no smoking, tachometer output (no need to drill hole to crankcase for RPM sensor anymore to get tachometer working), glow plugs and boost control. No need to source […]

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M117 Twin turbo kit

M117 Twin turbo kit development is in progress. Turbos: 11-blade billet compressor wheel, 500+hp each. Water to air intercooler with Laminova cores. 2x65mm throttle body. 2x45mm blow off valves.   Available in 2017.


M117 Supercharger kit

Soon we finish our supercharger kit for M117 engines. Magnuson MP2300 6th gen supercharger with Laminova cooler cores. Billet aluminum parts…..  


M117 Pulleys

Crankshaft, water pump and power steering pump pulleys (6-rib belt) Crank pulley available with trigger wheel. Good solution for supercharger conversion. 7075 anodized aluminum, CNC machined.