Limited slip units

MB ASD/LSD differentials

Kit including installation clips




Price: 250€





Lightweight steel flywheels for 7.25″ / 184mm clutches.

– M102, M103, M111, M104, OM601, OM602, OM603, OM604 OM605, OM606




Not available at the moment.


W463 722.6 propeller shaft


W463 G-class OM606 (and other inline engines) + 722.6 transmission propeller shaft (237mm).

Useful for people who converting 722.3 to 722.6.

722.6 Propeller shaft is approx 30mm shorter than W463 equipped with 722.3 transmission.

Replacing original part A4634100502

Shaft only price is 500 Euros


Stock 722.3 shaft vs 722.6 custom made shaft.




Gearbox adapter plate for Audi inline 4 and 5 cylinder engine using BMW gearbox.

7075 anodized aluminum.

Price 450€