EFI kits for MB engines

EFI (electronic fuel injection) kits for MB engines with Jetronic fuel injection.

Complete EFI systems for MB engines. Replacing K, KE and D jetronic systems.


M110 / M116 / M117 / M119 , Other engines on request (M100/M102/M103/M104)


Including mechanical and electrical components as well as software.


With EFI is possible to install 4th generation (Multi port injection) LPG system

Otherwise only 1-generation or some cases 2-generation LPG system can be installed without EFI.

1-2 gen LPG system engine power output is limited up to ~150hp with plate type nozzle (smaller air port than throttle is). Multi-port (4gen) LPG injection provides almost same power like with petrol and with reasonable fuel consumption.


Random EFI pics: