EFI kits for MB engines

EFI (electronic fuel injection) kits for MB engines with Jetronic fuel injection.

Complete EFI systems for MB engines. Replacing K, KE and D jetronic systems.

M102 / M103 / M104 / M110 / M116 / M117 / M119



Powerful VEMS engine management system with handcrafted wiring harness.

Sensors : Wideband O2, Coolant temp, Intake air temp, Throttle position, Crankshaft position, MAP sensor (inside ECU).

Fuel system: Anodized aluminum fuel rails with mounting accessories, fuel injectors , fuel pressure regulator with billet housing.  Black-like AN teflong fuel lining .

Ignition system: Trigger wheel, Crankshaft position sensor mounting bracket, Distributor cap, Ignition coils with mounting bracket, spark plug wires or directly coils on plugs.

Hardware: Adapter pipe between throttle body and air filter housing with crankcase ventilation port. Silicone coupler, accessories. Idle air control valve.