EFI conversion kits.


Distributorless ignition and distributorless fuel system – This is the Elbe EFI kit for MB engines. Development since 2008 and working every day to make it even better and more efficient – so far result are very good in reliability, power increase as well as better fuel consumption.

Kit including:

  • fuel system
  • ignition system
  • electronics
  • handcrafted concentric twisted cable harness
  • sensors
  • mechanical componets
  • instructions and support

Fuel system components like fuel rails and fuel pressure regulators are special design – lightweight and compact.  Both are CNC machined billet parts. Surface treatment: blasted and anodized.

Bosch 3 bar fuel pressure regulator fits perfectly and works like a charm. Engines with ITB`s could use 4 bar or 5 bar regulators for better air/fuel mixture.

AN6 aluminum fuel fittings and Teflon hoses between fuel rails and chassis side. Adapter fittings to chassis side hard lines.

Wasted spark ignition coils with custom made spark plug cables. Stainless steel mounting bracket to intake manifold and accessories for attaching cables.

Distributor blank plug because distributor no longer needed (Only for sequential injection).

Powerful VEMS ecu with bluetooth connection.

Handcrafted concentric twisted engine cable harness (Engine harness has also plug for camshaft position sensor for sequential injection).

Sensors: Crankshaft sensor, Coolant temperature sensor, Intake air temperature sensor, Throttle position sensor, Wideband O2 lambda sensor, MAP sensor in ECU.

Mechanical components like trigger wheel, sensors brackets, idle air control valve with components. Adapter pipe between throttle body and air filter housing. Tube for MAP sensor.