Elbe Engineering OÜ  developed and fabricated products since 2008. Mostly upgrade parts for Mercedes models.

All products / development is property of Elbe Engineering OÜ.  No other company in Estonia is allowed to resell Elbe Engineering OÜ developed/produced parts except Elbe Engineering OÜ itself.  Copying our products without permission is a crime.

Worldwide authorized sellers are linked under Partners page.

Author of all developed products is Hendrik Elbe – Head engineer, company founder and one and only owner:

  • EFI (Electronic fuel injection)  kits for MB engines : M102-8V ; M102-16V ; M103 ; M104 ; M110 ; M116/M117 ; M119
  •  Plug and play Efi kit for Lancia Flavia 1.8 flat-4 engine (originally with Kugelfisher injection)
  •  Lightweight pulleys for MB engines: M102-8V ; M102-16V ; Alloy block M116/M117 ; Iron block M116/M117 ;  M120
  •  Naturally aspirated stainless steel manifolds: MB M116 M117 (R/C107 ; W/C126 ; W460/W463) ; M119 ; M102-16 ; M110
  •  Mild steel turbo tubular manifolds: M102-8V ; M102-16V ; M103 ; M104 ; M117 ; OM602 ; OM603 ; OM605 ; OM606
  •  Intake manifold with internal cooler: M117 ; OM606
  •  M117 lower intake plenum with increased volume and port for idle air valve
  •  Slide throttles: MB M102-16 ; VW Golf 8V ; Universal
  •  OM605/OM606 EDC pump fuel inlet flange/fitting and mechanical fuel pump covers
  •  W126 M117 Supercharger setup with Magnuson TVS2300 6th gen
  •  W126 M117 Twin turbo setup
  •  R107 M117 Twin turbo setup
  •  Blow off valve 45mm special design for M117 twin turbo engines
  •  Lightweight and compact AN6 fittings dual port fuel pressure regulator housing
  •  W460-W463 aluminum and stainless steel hinges
  •  Limited slip spring block kits for MB ASD/LSD differentials – 185mm and 210mm
  •  W201 185mm differential cover/mounting plate
  •  Transmission adapters : M116/M117/M100 Iron block adapter for 5G tronic transmissions ; Audi engine with BMW gearbox ; BMW engine with Liberty drag race transmission
  •  MB 722.6 transmission rear mounting bracket for factory 722.2/3/4/5 equipped cars – External speed sensor setup for 722.6
  •  184mm clutched Flywheels for M102 / M103 / M104 / M111 / OM601-606 / M113
  •  Hydraulic clutch release bearing assembly (30mm and 38mm shaft through hole diameter)
  •  One way valve for hydraulic clutches for reducing stress loads
  •  Big brake upgrades : W201/W124 ; R107 ; W126
  •  Getrag 265 Manual gearbox sets for M117 and M119 engines
  •  Different industrial solutions: Assembly lines ; food processing machinery ; metal processing machinery ; innovation projects