Elbe Engineering OÜ founded in 2008 by head engineer and CEO Hendrik Elbe.


Since 2008 I have been developing upgrade parts for Mercedes models – especially older models so people can enjoy classic cars today with modern features like electronic fuel  injection, electronic transmission and so on.

We have wide range our own developed products like EFI kits, stainless steel exhausts, turbo and supercharger kits, aluminum pulleys, different manifolds, limited slip diff coversion parts, different brackets and other wise upgrade parts.

We do new developments continuously and of couse fully customized parts for customers. From idea to design and final part – Handcrafted, CNC machined or even 3d metal printed parts for complex design.


We ship worldwide and have partners all around the world who can offer support like us.

WEB shop will be opened soon in this page. So far we can take orders manually and personally.



Elbe Engineering (OÜ) authorized brand logo on original parts since 2022. Old logo is obsolete !!! If you see logo with elbe.ee domain name you can be sure it is original made part not copy of my product!