ATTENTION!   Elbe Engineering OÜ does not have webshop!!!!

Web shop will be opened soon here in this domain! Meanwhile manual orders available.


Beware of scammers on fake webshop – 


Scammers copied data from my previous page and made similar WEBshop to mislead my customers.  – see the pictures with my parts/domain name – ELBE.EE


If you see fake pages with Elbe Engineering OÜ content – please let me know!



Only ELBE ENGINEERING OÜ is seller in Estonia  – All other offers are not official – don`t feed the trolls.  Some customers have lost big amounts of money and can`t get in touch with them anymore. Fake parts no documetation, no instructions.  


Elbe Engineering OÜ official partners will be listed on resellers page !


ELBE ENGINEERING OÜ has NEW BRAND LOGO in use instead of old design with Engineering in the end.  This is how You can see the differences between Original parts versus FAKE copies or stolen parts.  ASK pictures and be sure there is NEW LOGOS on parts.   Parts with OLD LOGOS are probably stolen from US because ORIGINAL parts has new LOGOS on for a YEARS now. 





Elbe Engineering OÜ inventory with all documents/data/drawings/development/parts and even rare cars were stolen back in 2021 September.  Police investigate it but slowly….Please help us to solve this big fraud and get back what belongs to me!  



Now the SCAMMERS GROUP  selling Elbe Engineering OÜ`s property through different channels – Different companies/private persons. So far I have been informed about following names/companies offering my parts. Also extremely rare used spare parts I had been collected for 15+ years. 

T K Varahalduse OÜ , Onengineering OÜ/ , Roman Sarajev, Joel Märtinson, Lauri Triipan, Margus Kangur




Scammers present them as me (Hendrik Elbe) sometimes (Story of me on their pages) … Or SCAMMERS “bought” company Elbe Engineering OÜ  !!!!   This is also not true.